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Energy Management
Information Privacy and Security

Our PURPOSE is to provide our customer AND vendor clients a connection place for "best of breed" solutions that support and improve their business.

Connect Pacific, operating since 2002, is a specialist provider of BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and BUSINESS ASSURANCE for the communications and energy sectors in Australia. An extensive network of associates across the region allows Connect Pacific to bring its clients products and services to the forefront of target markets in Asia Pacific.

Connect Pacific's innovative approach to consulting, business creation and revenue delivery, has developed a strong customer base through FOCUS and RESULTS.

Connect Pacific provides solutions in - Energy Storage and Power management, Information and Network Security, Smart City solutions and Telco operations.

New Technology!

Australian distributor of DUST PHOTONICS next-gen Data Centre 100G and 400G Optics
Australian Agent for Linkdata Beijing (Panasonic Cell Technology) Energy Storage for Telecoms

Badunetworks warpTCP to eliminate TCP and QUIC congestion in Enterprise and Consumer networks

SensorFu and SensorFleet Security Beacon for Cyber SecOps

Blog and Articles by ConnectPacific and Partners

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Solution Partners

Linkdata - new generation Li batteries
Niometrics - high powered data analytics for customer experience
BaduNetworks - remove TCP congestion from your enterprise networks
Dust Photonics - "right priced" 100G SFP and AOC
Synopsys - Security in Software Supply Chain
SOLIDA Systems - VoIP Phishing and Spam removal
CIQUAL - Mobile Experience Monitoring
SecureDDX - Secure and Private Document and Messaging platform

Service Partners

Our Security Systems Sales and Delivery partner is Comdate
Our Go To Market partner is The OTM Company
Our Recruitment Business partner is Task Group

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